Rise Of Kingdoms : How To Get Gem, Teleport Item

Gems and teleport items are very important in Rise of Kingdoms. There are several ways to get gems and teleport items for free.

Teleport items are used to move cities or bases to other places. How to get teleport items is as follows.

  1. Quest
  2. Buy in Shop
  3. Mysterious Merchant


First. You can get teleport items from quests that contain teleport item rewards.

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Beli di Shop

Second, You can get teleport items by buying at the shop using gems. Teleport that you can buy in the shop consists of 3 types, namely Territorial Teleport using 750 gems, Random Teleport using 500 gems, Targeted Teleport using 1500 gems.

How to get gems in Rise of Kingdoms

  1. Quest
  2. Activity Point to open chest
  3. Buy using money
  4. Gift Code
  5. Events
  6. etc