Sunny Pirates How To Get SSS Hero / Pirate Without Top Up

Sunny Pirates How To Get SSS Hero / Pirate Without Top Up

Sunny Pirates How To Get SSS Hero Without Top Up. Cara mendapatkan Hero SSS .

How to get SSS Hero / Pirates without pay / top up

In the sunny pirates going merry game there are three grade heroes / pirates namely s, ss and sss. SSS Pirates are considered the strongest because of their higher grades. SSS pirate heroes that are available are law, boa hancock, mihawk, moria, kurohige, akainu, fujitora, kizaru, shirohige, marco the phoenix, shiryu, peros pero, Sabo, magellan, aces, enel kuma, rayleigh, kuzan, doflamingo, shofur shanks, sengoku, crackers, zoro wano, prince sanji.

How to get the SSS Pirate

The first way is code. You can use the gift code that comes from the official sunny pirates to get the SSS soul hero. the amount varies, ranging from 5 to 80 souls. Besides soul, from the gift code you can also get diamonds, tickets for spin, gold and others. This is the easiest way to get an SSS hero

VIP level Up prizes
When we succeed in raising the VIP level, we can get various interesting prizes ranging from diamonds, gold, hammer, to SSS soul heroes. If we succeed in raising the VIP level to VIP8 level we will get the SSS Sabo. the prize might change

Diamond Consume
If we use a certain amount of diamonds we can get a lot of prizes, one of which is the SSS soul hero. Use 6 K diamond to get 30 soul SSS and use 10 K diamond to get 50 soul SSS. If we use a total of 10 K diamonds, we will get 80 SSS souls that can be used for SSS summon heroes. This method is the fastest way to get SSS heroes / pirates

Daily Event
Complete the daily event to get AP. When there are 1250 APs, we will be able to open a chest containing a 5 SSS soul hero.

Skypiea Shop
Collect 600 skypie coins from skypiea journey to buy 5 soul SSS from skypiea shop.