Rise Of Kingdoms Mysterious Merchant

when will Mysterious Merchant appear?

The Mysterious Merchant always appears at the courier station at 0:00 UTC. She will reappear more often after completion of upgrading buildings, training troops, and defeating barbarians.

she will offer 16 items for purchase: 4x resources, 4x speedups, 4x boosts, and 4x other items. You can refresh her selection by pressing the “Refresh” button in the top-right corner of the window. You can purchase each item only once per visit per refresh.

Items Purchasable in Mysterious Merchant

  • Resources
  • Boosts
  • Speedups
  • Starlight Sculpture

Rise Of Kingdoms : How To Get Gem, Teleport Item

Gems and teleport items are very important in Rise of Kingdoms. There are several ways to get gems and teleport items for free.

Teleport items are used to move cities or bases to other places. How to get teleport items is as follows.

  1. Quest
  2. Buy in Shop
  3. Mysterious Merchant


First. You can get teleport items from quests that contain teleport item rewards.

Beli di Shop

Second, You can get teleport items by buying at the shop using gems. Teleport that you can buy in the shop consists of 3 types, namely Territorial Teleport using 750 gems, Random Teleport using 500 gems, Targeted Teleport using 1500 gems.

How to get gems in Rise of Kingdoms

  1. Quest
  2. Activity Point to open chest
  3. Buy using money
  4. Gift Code
  5. Events
  6. etc

How to play Rise Of Kingdoms on computer / pc

Rise Of Kingdoms is designed to be played on mobile devices. But there are ways to play Rise Of Kingdoms on a computer / pc / laptop / MAC. You can use android emulator like bluestacks

From some information, playing Rise of Kingdoms on a PC using Bluestacks won’t get your account banned. That’s because, the blue stack is a partner of rise of kingdoms.

you can download it from official site by clicking link below


Rise Of Kingdoms : What Is Fortress. How to Attack Fortress

How to attack a fortress
You have to expand your alliance’s territory to touch the enemy alliance’s fortress territory before you can rally.

What happens when a fortress is destroyed?
The Fortress gets removed and the area is no longer considered occupied.


Rise Of Kingdoms How To Move to alliance’s territory

How to teleport to my alliance’s territory?

A.) There are two options – the Territorial Teleport, which is fairly cheap. Once your alliance has a Fortress, which creates a territory, you can use the Territorial Teleport to move a city into that territory from any region within the same kingdom.

The Targeted Teleport will also work, whether or not your alliance has a territory set up yet. It is more expensive.


Rise Of Kingdoms How To Move City To Another Kingdom

How to move my city or base to a new kingdom

Zoom out from your city until you see a globe button appear in the bottom right of your screen. Select the globe to see lists of kingdoms. Select the preferred kingdom , then select the preferred region by selecting a listed “Teleport”.

Requirements you need to move your city/base

  • You must have a “Beginner Teleport”(you can get free beginner teleport when reach City Hall Level 7.
  • Cannot be in an alliance
  • Your Town hall must be under level 8
  • You are not in any battles
  • All march queues are idle
  • No reinforcements in your city
  • Only 2 characters per kingdom.

Rise Of Kingdoms : How To Use Gift Code

You can get free items like gem, speed up and many more by using gift code. guide to use gift code in Rise Of Kingdoms

  • In game, tap on your avatar which is located at the top left of the screen
  • Then open Settings (gear icon)
  • Open Redeem
  • Enter redeem code and press exchange button
  • Open your mail box to claim your rewards

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# tutorial Use Gift Code Rise Of Kingdoms



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Rise Of Kingdomes Gift Code. You can redeem gift code to get free item like speed up, free gem etc. Use this code before expire



Rise of kingdoms : how to use code