WordPress : Install Disqus comments in 5 minutes

WordPress : Install Disqus comments in 5 minutes

How to install and using Disqus comments on blogs that use WordPress is not difficult. Have you heard of Disqus before? For information, Disqus is a comment and discussion feature service on a website.

The Disqus plugin makes it easy for you to comment on a website. In addition, the existence of this plugin makes the content more interactive. This service connects the website with people who comment through the discussion community.

If you have a lot of comments on WordPress posts, this will make the website load longer. Causing a load on the server increases if many visitors are commenting at the same time.

With the features of comments from third parties such as Disqus, this will provide benefits such as reducing the burden on the server. In fact, in terms of security, if a website is hit by a spam attack via the comment form, it will not affect your website because it is through Disqus’s system first.

If you run a website that is quite large through several servers, with the comment feature can help redundancy. You don’t need to worry about synchronizing comments, because it’s not related to your database. Disqus comments are linked through the URL of the posting on your website.

Go disqus.com and verify your email address

add new plugin called “Disqus Comment System ” by disqus

after Disqus Comment System is activated, you can see disqus menu in wordpress dashboard. or you can check disqus menu in Comments » Settings

Open disqus menu, You will be asked several questions .

  • Do you have a Disqus account? yes
  • Do you have a site registered on Disqus you want to use? no

after choosing an answer, create site

Create new site in disqus, input all required data

After creating the site, go to the WordPress installation page to finish. choose your site

Copy the Installation Token ( You can see your token in your disqus menu in wordpress dashboard ) and paste it into the form below to complete the installation.

After it, click configure button to setup disqus for your site. open disqus menu in wordpress dashboard. now disqus comment is installed on your website

Disqus is free and what happens at the end of the trial?

If you have not entered your billing information to confirm your subscription by the end of your trial, you will be automatically put on the Basic version of Disqus, which is free to use and supported by advertising. You have until the end of the trial to enter your billing information for your subscription.